How to Care for Your Wooden Board

Caring for a hardwood cutting or charcuterie board can initially be intimidating, but we promise the process is quick, easy, and worthwhile! Hardwood boards are not only functional, they provide instant warmth and beauty to any kitchen, or on a table being used to serve your favorite people. Using our simple cleaning and maintenance process (see below), your board will last many many years and allow you to make lovely memories with family and friends. As an added bonus, each cutting or charcuterie board purchased through our website will receive a free tin of board cream to keep your board looking beautiful and water resistant.

WASH the entire board with warm water. Use mild soap as needed.

DRY all areas of your board thoroughly.

CONDITION your entire board at least once a month, or sooner if you notice any dry spots, using food grade mineral oil or a board cream (we offer a board cream containing mineral oil and organic bees wax). Rub the oil or cream onto the board and wipe it down.

STORE your board away from extreme temperatures.

AVOID placing your board in the dishwasher or submerging it in water. Never use cooking oil (olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc) on your board. With time, these oils will cause your board to go rancid. Placing hot items directly on your board from the stove or oven may cause burn marks. 

Snag a board today to treat yourself, or give as a gift! Our boards make wonderful house warming, wedding, birthday, or anniversary gifts! We also offer custom engraving if you are looking for added personalization to your gift. Message us for details on customization options!

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