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Grounded Woodworks

Cocktail Smoker

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You will receive one oak oval cocktail smoker, 2 bags of wood chips (1 cherry and 1 hickory), 3 replacement screens, a canvas storage bag, and smoker instruction card with each purchase.


  • Pour your cocktail into a glass cup, then cover your glass with the smoker.
  • Place 1/2 to 3/4 tsp (or a large pinch) of wood shaving chips onto the mesh screen. Do not fill the chamber more than 50%.
  • Using a butane-filled kitchen torch, light the chips on fire for about 10-15 seconds. Gently blow for 2-3 seconds to maximize the smoke in your glass.
  • Allow the smoke to infuse for at least 15 seconds. Some cocktail experts recommend waiting 2-3 minutes. Experiment with the smoke time to determine your cocktail preference.
  • Add ice and garnish. Cheers!



  • The mesh filter easily pops in and out of the smoker. We recommend washing the mesh screen every few drinks to maximize the burn of the wood chips and smoke flavor. Be sure to dry your screen off before starting another cocktail. Your smoker comes with 3 replacement screens, each lasting many flavorful drinks.
  • Get creative with your cocktails by adding natural flavors to the wood chips. Many have suggested dried lavender, thyme, mint, citrus peels, and cinnamon as great additions.